“From the beginning, our agent’s expertise in dealing with people downsizing into retirement was abundantly clear. She came to the initial meeting with a “cheat sheet” that showed us how my dad was to sign the documents. He is 91 and is the AIF for his wife suffering with dementia. The property initially sold within 10 days of listing, but the prospective buyers rescinded their offer because of issues raised during inspection. Our agent took the lead in coordinating activities for the re-listing and subsequent sale to the original buyers. She was also instrumental in arranging the estate sale and prep (cleaning, painting, etc.) for listing. During the entire process she took the time to meet with my dad to keep him abreast of the developments. He’s becoming a little forgetful and we live in Missouri, so her efforts certainly went well beyond someone just trying to make a sale!”

R. Mower

“Your sense of confidence and knowledge of the process in selling my home was most helpful. You looked after the details that seemed overwhelming because of all the other changed and decisions I had to make: where to move, which apartment to choose, etc. With all the emotional issues of parting with a much-loved home, you were an anchor because you were very clear about what had to be done and when. But the real bonus was that you had the crews who would do it. I was surprised at how easy they were to work with and respectful of my ideas. But it was your firm direction and sense of timelines that made the difference. I didn’t have to worry. In many ways your professional advice, personal touch, and respect for my home was a part of that final blessing. I could bring closure to a home I enjoyed. It freed me to go forward. Thanks again.”

H. Palisin
Northeast Seattle

“Our agent went above and beyond for me and my family. She was really a great support, teacher, and coach through the process of clearing the house and preparing it for sale. She got to know what my needs were and how I think, and that helped prepare me. I really learned a lot from her – she took the time to explain things so that I could make good decisions. This was very important to me. She provided the clear thinking and understanding of project management, which meant so much at the time. She also rolled up her sleeves and pitched in! I can only say that she made all the difference in the world. I am very grateful that she was my helper – I certainly would recommend her to any friends or family that need a good agent.”

R. Hershey

“In the fall of 2010, we hired our agent to market our elderly parents’ home in Laurelhurst. Despite a very weak real estate market, we were able to sell the house in a relatively short amount of time and at a fairly aggressive price. Our agent was on her game throughout the process – beginning with the listing and marketing, then negotiating the sale, and finally, closing the deal. She was extremely helpful with her advice about the logistics of downsizing all the furnishings and general “stuff” accumulated during the 40+ years my parents lived in the home. She also had invaluable advice about the emotional journey of moving my aging parents from their family-sized home to their new retirement-sized home. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”

P. Miller and J. Johnson
Seattle-Queen Anne